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in the art of spooling cable

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Small Business

Supplying our Military and many more with cable spooling systems

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LeBus® Grooving

Don't be fooled by imitations, Demand Genuine LeBus® (manufactured in the U.S.A., Germany, England, & Japan). LeBus International, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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Failure is not

an option

where steel cable is used

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The LeBus Process

Engineering - Production

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drilling operations

The LEBUS system has proved itself around the world in heavy-duty environments of oil and gas drilling rigs, where it is used to ensure there is no failure...

hoisting & cranes

Wherever objects are being lifted or pulled by wire rope, you may very well be seeing LEBUS in action. You will find our systems on construction sites...


This is quite a new field for LEBUS technology but one that is fast growing. At sea, rope lengths of up to 10,000 m are not unusual. Submersible remotely operated...

mining & logging

In mining, tunnelling and drilling, LEBUS is used to ensure there is no failure in wire rope spooling operations. These industries offer some of the most challenging...

What we Offer

Anytime cable is involved, Lebus can help.

The LeBus History

The name LeBus has been around the oil field industry since it was just a blacksmith shop in 1900. LeBus started out by manufacturing speciality tools for the booming west Texas oil fields. Tool pushers and/or owners would see a specific need for a new tool and LeBus would forge the new tools on demand. Soon LeBus was into the manufacturing and selling of fishing tools, drill collars, tool joints and rotary bits. LeBus manufactured the "Eureka Pipe Wrench" and the "Slip Socket Overshot". The common element in each case was the hoisting machinery, specifically the drum and wire rope, which was the main "workhorse" of the drilling rig. LeBus noticed that the wire rope would not lay in a consistent pattern on the drum. This caused undue wear and scrubbing of the wire rope. Something better was on the horizon.

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Q: What spooling angle is required for the HELICAL groove?
A: In the case of single-layer wound cable drums, the spooling angle of 3° should not be exceeded.

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Photos & videos

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LeBus prides itself in our extensive rework capabilities to "Like New" conditions. Check out our photography & videos to learn more.

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